One Day Tour Mandalay

Day Tour Mandalay – Amaraupura – Sagaing Travel
15 USD per person (small group tour from 4 to 7 person)
Start from Mandalay-visit Mahamuni temple, Mahagandayone monastery, interesting pottery village, authentic toy maker village, amazing Sagaing Hill, Myanmar monastic education center, sunset form U Bein Bridge

Mahamuni Temple

Mahamuni is one of three important places for Myanmar Buddhist. Temple open at 04:00am every day and do face washing ceremony as Myanmar belief living Buddha. Around temple can see Myanmar daily life, hundred of craft shops, craft man workshops. Should not miss to visit Mahamuni temple in Mandalay

Mahagandayone Monastery

One of the famous monasteries in Amarapura near Mandalay which is school for over thousand Buddhist monks. To observe daily life of Myanmar Buddhist monk, should visit Mahagandayone monastery. About 110:15, all monks enter to dinning room for lunch. As almost every day there is donator for lunch, monks make procession and accept offering food at the entrance of dinning room and have lunch silently. It is the most impressive monument to visit monastery.

Silk Weaving

Since 19th century, Myanmar ladies used Myanmar traditional wave pattern silk longyi for special occupation of their life: wedding ceremony, initiation ceremony and graduation ceremony, in Amarapura, produce traditional silk longyi by using old technic. It is amazing hand loom weaving. They produce silk as well as very good quality of  cotton.

Terracotta Village

As some Myanmar still use different kinds of clay product in their daily life, this village, all villagers work to produce terracotta pot for offering as well as for daily use. Should not miss to see Myanmar typical method of working clay generation by generation.

Sagaing Hill

Famous Sagaing Hill for amazing panorama over 400 monastries.

U Bein Bridge

Most of the travelers familiar with The Bridge over The River Kwai.
I’d like to introduce about very beautiful wooden bridge crosses over Taung Tha Man lake which is situated at Amarapura near Mandalay. The name of the bridge is U Bein bridge which is famous as the longest wooden bridge in the world. When you come to Mandalay, you shouldn’t miss to visit sunset time from U Bein Bridge.
Amarapura is one of the ancient capitals of Myanmar before Mandalay not very far from Mandalay. Amarapura means immortal city. In central Myanmar, during raining season, always happened water flood of the Ayeyarwaddy River. At such time, Taung Tha Man lake cut communication with Amarapura and surrounding villages. Pedlars and hawkers have to take risk crossing the rough lake with their little boats. In the year 1849, U Pein who was a high ranking clerk, got idea to build the bridge across the lake.
The construction began in 1849 and completed in 1851, it took only two years.There are 1086 wooden post and 4 wooden pavilions (rest houses for leisure) on the bridge.
The bridge indeed is romantic, being the longest wooden bridge in the world, loving couples make appointment on the bridge, people from near city have picnic near the bridge.
In any time of the year, U Pein bridge attracts visitors from far and near. Nowadays, you can also enjoy sunset sight seeing by local boat.
Dear visitors pray do not miss the romance of the Bridge over the Lake Taung Tha Man.

3 thoughts on “One Day Tour Mandalay

  1. hi.
    we received your details from a friend in Israel.
    we are a group of 3.
    we are not so young and also cannot walk long distance and long time.
    your plan for Mandalay is good (I have been 2 times in the past)
    but we need to split it in 2 days and take it easy.
    we arrive to Mandalay (from Bangkok) on the 27/2/18 early evening.
    we have the 28/2 and 1/3 as full days for touring.
    on the 2/3 we would like to travel to Inle lake (I believe it takes a few hours by car)
    stay in Inle on 3/3, 4/3 . 5/3 we would like to travel back to Mandalay for 1 night and take
    the flight back to Bangkok on 6/3.
    so……we need hotel (average price. 2 room) 3 nights in mandalay. 27/2,28/2 and 1/3
    then we need a hotel (average price 2 room) in Inle 2/3,3/3,4/3.
    on 5/3 we need 1 more night in Mandalay.
    we need guide for Mandalay.
    I believe Inle no need a guide.
    and we need A V I S A.
    will be happy to her from you as soon as possible.
    flight to Madalay and back to Bangkok booked already.
    thank you very much.

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