Mandalay & Around


Mandalay is the last capital of Myanmar before British annexation. It was founded by King Mindon in 19th century, penultimate king of Kongbaung dynasty. Nowadays, it is the second important city of Myanmar. It is also the cultural center and the heart of Myanmar. Mandalay is the important trading center due to its location.


Mahamuni Temple

One of the three important places in Myanmar. It is the famous temple with huge sitting Buddha called Mahamuni originally from Rakhine state. It is 4 meters high sitting Buddha cast in alloy. But over hundreds years, Buddhist have donated gold leaves by sticking on the Buddha. So the Buddha image was completely covered by gold. Believing as a living Buddha, every morning, people celebrate facial washing ceremony at 4 AM.

Golden Palace Monastery

It is a fragile reminder of former Mandalay Palace. It is also ex-palace, ex-monastery. Originally, it was used as an apartment of King Mindon and his chief Queen. The building was moved to the present place as monastery in 1880.

Kuthodaw Pagoda

It is known as the world biggest book. The whole tripitaka, teaching of Buddha was written on 729 marble slabs it took 8 years to complete.


11 km opposite site of Ayeyarwady river. You can reach there by boat. It takes about one hour. Mingun is famous for Mingun bell: the world biggest bell among the ringing bells. There is also unfinished Mingun pagoda called Pathodawgyi which is look like the Rock when you look from far away. Unusual Myatheindan pagoda is also interesting place to see. It is the symbol of Mt.Meru.

One of the ancient capitals of Kongbaung dynasty before Mandalay . It is situated 11km from Mandalay. It is small town famous for silk weaving for special pattern, Mahagandayone monastery:  school for over 1000 Buddhist monk, U Bein bridg : the longest wooden bridge in the world crosses over TaungTa Man lake. It is 1.2km long.


After the fall of Bagan, Sagaing became the capital of Myanmar. Today, Sagaing hill is famous for hundreds of Buddhist monasteries of monks and nuns. It is holy hill as second Bagan. On the top of the hill there is Soon Oo Ponnya Shin Pagoda; the best place for panoramic view over the city, series of monasteries and Ayeyarwady river. U Min Thoneze cave temple is famous for 43  sitting Buddha.

Innwa ( Ava )

Innwa is peaceful place it had been the capital of Myanmar for about 400 years. It is situated on an artificial Island. Innwa means “the mouth of the lake“or  “entrance to the lake”. The founder of Innwa filled over four lakes among nine lakes to establish his capital. Bagaya wooden monastery and Menu Okk Kyaung are highlights of Innwa. All these are places to visit by horse cart. During you short visit in Innwa you can enjoy peaceful land and nice landscape.

Pyin Oo Lwin

Pyin Oo Lwin is formerly known as May Myo during the time when many British governors lived. The town is once British hill station is famous for cool weather, colonial building, natural parks and water fall. The weather is pleasant, the town is also known as the City of Flowers.  One should not miss a ride on the old horse-drawn coach. That is the standard transportation in Pyin Oo Lwin.  It is 69km form Mandalay, 1040m above sea level. Pyin Oo Lwin is very different from Mandalay.  The most attractive place of Pyin Oo Lwin is Kandawgyi park established in 1915 by Alex Rodger. Pwe Kauk waterfall, Peikchinmyaung cave are highlights of Pyin Oo Lwin.


136km , three  hours driving from Mandalay there is lovely town called Monywa which is situated on the bank of Chindwin river. Monywa is important trading center for agricultural products surrounding Chindwin valley. Main attraction around Monywa is Thanbodhay temple with 580000 buddha, it has similar architectural design of Boroburu. Nearby Thanbodhay temple there is Bodhitataung Buddha images. It is very special place; big compound with 1000000 Bodhi trees , under which there are 100000 buddha. There is the third largest reclining buddh in Myanmar which has 90m long.  ——– high  huge standing Buddha is also situated on the slope of the mountain lies nearby the reclining Buddha. 25 km from Monywa there is Powin caves; sandstone caves around Powin Hikk with fine mural painting and over 400000 buddha between 14th to 18th century.